Monday, March 21, 2011

Bulls Still First In East

ESPN -  DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer will play Monday against the Sacramento Kings, barring a setback, after missing five games because of a sprained left ankle.

"If there aren't any problems before the game tonight, he'll go," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. "He was fine today."
The Bulls enter play Monday tied for the Eastern Conference lead with the Boston Celtics. Both teams are 49-19, and the Celtics take on the slumping Knicks in New York.Forward Luol Deng, who did not practice on Sunday to rest a left thigh bruise, will play as well. Taj Gibson, who was seen wearing a walking boot due to an injured right big toe, is a game-time decision.
"Knowing me, I should try to play, but we'll see by [Monday] if the swelling goes down," Gibson on Sunday. "If anything, I'll try to adjust and get as much treatment as possible, hope I can get back on the court early."
Boozer, who suffered the injury March 9 after falling to the ground on a flagrant foul by the Charlotte BobcatsKwame Brown, returned to practice on Sunday.
Averaging 18.3 points and 9.6 rebounds, Boozer has missed 23 games because of injury this season. Thibodeau is excited to have him back
Loving the Bulls right now, even though they just lost to the lowly Pacers Friday night.  I actually had a feeling they were going to lose because they were still undefeated within their division and I felt like they were due for a loss.  Rose had 42 and should have had about 52 because he was getting fouled every time he drove without a call.  
At this point there really isn't much to say about the Bulls until they get into the playoffs.  Rose is playing the best basketball in the league right now and will win the MVP award.  Thibs is going to win Coach of the Year.  Bulls should get a one seed.  Just gotta keep their momentum going for another couple of weeks until they start their march to another NBA ship. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Name That Rack!

I've been excited to feature this fine female in Name That Rack all day today.  She is just dripping wet with sex.  One of the finest woman in sports right now, and easily the finest woman in Mixed Martial Arts.  I love waking up at night to see some shitty Forrest Griffin fight from 2007 on Spike at 2am when she's the ring girl.  Always keeps me from falling back asleep.  First time but not the last time she'll be on CCL

Charlie Sheen For President!

USA Today - Tickets to Charlie Sheen's live shows are selling like crazy. He broke the speed record for acquiring Twitter followers. He's become a folk hero with fans. So why not Charlie Sheen for president!?  According to a new poll, independent voters say they favor Sheen over Sarah Palin by a 41/36 margin.

And it's not just independents who are supporting the tiger-blooded warlock. Democrats would support him by a 44-24 margin for president over Palin and Republicans would support him 37-28 over Obama.

Jesus, what the fuck has our country's politics come to.  Just a complete laughing stock right now.  Charlie Sheen for President?  You've got to be fist fucking me!

With that said, I think Charlie Sheen would make a great President.  Fuck you, Obama.  Fuck you Palin.  We want to win.  We want to win now.  We want Charlie Sheen in office.  This guy is just killin' it on all levels right now.  God I'd love to throw a few back with him... 

University of Chicago Student Sets Up Casual Sex Website

Chicago Breaking News -  A petite brunette looking to have a little more than a coffee with a guy. An awkward nerd looking for bookish girl. A college guy looking for a cute girl to take a study break in the stacks.
These are just a few of the posts from a new Chicago site that connects people looking for a no-strings attached hookup.
The site - UChicago Hookups – is poised to help singles ready to mingle. But there's a catch: You have to be a student at the University of Chicago or its Booth School of Business.
In what reads like the casual encounters section on Craigslist, only students with a school email account can post and respond to fellow students looking online for casual sex, a makeout session or—in at least one case—a cuddle buddy. So far, the site claims more than 200 registered users.
"We're trying to change the ages-old stereotype that UChicago students are severely sexually deprived. With that in mind, if you're looking for 'where fun comes to die,' you've come to the wrong place," according to the site created by a group of undergrads. Instead, the site's tagline is "where fun comes to thrive."
First of all, no idea why I picked this video to post, I just figured it was kind of relevant cuz they were prank calling hookers on Craigslist, just like people will inevitably prank call the hookers on this sex site.  Second, the U of C student who created this website needs to quit his fucking bitching and shut the fuck up.  The University of Chicago isn't where fun goes to die.  North Central College is.  Everyone knows that. 
Anyways, I don't know if this idea has disaster or genius written on it.  On one hand the U of C administration has got to be pitching an absolute shit fit and looking for some reason to kick this kid out for something.  The website could also be a huge flop.  Even funnier, he could be indicted for running a prostitution ring. On the other hand, this kid could go down as college's biggest pimp for finding some bullshit technicality in prostitution laws, cuz that's all it really is - prostitution.  It may spread to other campuses (along with all the STDs it will be responsible for) which could make this kid millions.    
This kid's got me stumped.  Any thoughts?  I mean I'd take getting kicked out of school or getting brought up on charges of running a prostitution ring for the potential of making millions of dollars.  But that's just me because I'm a whore for publicity and a whore for money.  

UPDATE:  Got my first random email today from someone who works for a media outlet who covered the story.  Check out the link below to view the actual news story on "U. of Chicago Hook-Ups" 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bracket's Ruined, Thanks to a White Boy

Had Penn State in the Elite 8.  Fuckin' white boy ruins my chance at winning ESPN's pool.  Asshole... Now Kentucky has to beat these Ivy League homos for me to get back into the swing of things...

UPDATE: I hope Pitt loses, fuck the Big East

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